Successful money management has changed significantly over the years. While people once balanced their checkbooks and deposited their paychecks in the bank’s drive-through on a Friday afternoon, most financial planning can now be done completely online. There are a variety of apps that can be used on smartphones and tablets to help people gain control over their finances and work toward their monetary goals. The ease of installing and using the following apps can bring about meaningful change in peoples’ fiscal lives, leading to increased security in an insecure world. Apps that help with personal finance include:


1. EveryDollar


Developing a budget is the first piece of advice given to those who want to take control of their finances. The EveryDollar app allows users to connect with their bank accounts and observe where every dollar goes during the month, letting them monitor their spending in different categories and adjust as necessary to stay within their budgets.


2. Mint


Mint is a well-known financial app that allows users to view their total financial picture in one place. Credit and debit cards can be linked to the app, and Mint categorizes all the various transactions. Users can then see exactly how and where they are spending their money. As a bonus, Mint provides users with their credit scores and the factors contributing to the scores.


3. Clarity Money


In an age of Netflix, Hulu, Discovery+, Hello Fresh!, Blue Apron, and Amazon, Clarity Money is an invaluable tool for keeping track of the many subscription services that are used in modern life. Clarity Money can help you identify and cancel them when subscriptions go unused, thus saving you money. Additionally, Clarity Money allows you to make regular savings deposits to help you meet specific goals.


4. Prism


Paying bills is an inescapable part of life, and the Prism app will help you to monitor and pay your bills on time. Prism is connected to over 11,000 billers, including large banks and small utility companies. When you add your bills to the app, Prism will send you due date reminders to avoid late payments. Best of all, payments can be scheduled and made directly via the app, eliminating the need to use multiple websites to pay bills.