Matt Dixon

Professional Overview, Philanthropy

Matt Dixon has been a Partner and a Financial Advisor at TruNorth Advisors for nearly seven years. 

Although it is hard to choose, people who have worked with Matt Dixon would list his strategic financial planning, sales process development, interpersonal leadership abilities, and positive influencer among his top skills. As a public speaker, he draws crowds to a range of venues, and his diverse training in both the financial world and psychology make him both a fun and hard-working teammate. He is also no stranger to all types of managerial change, including transformational, organizational, structural, and remedial.

Matt earned his undergraduate degree in Finance from Utah State University, which was quickly followed by his position with TruNorth Advisors. This group specializes in wealth management and strategic retirement planning. As a registered financial consultant, Matt quickly earned high praise for his prudent, tax-free investment strategy to help people prepare for the next phase of their lives, which he refers to as the new unemployment. In addition to investment advice, Matt also provides investment guidance and strategies for the long term, depending on each individual’s objectives.

Matt Dixon and his team have the knowledge and expertise to offer a complete, holistic approach that is customized for each client and takes into account how crucial it is for a client to have assets outlive them, as well as helping each customer achieve the retirement they envision. Matt is known for his wise recommendations that eliminate the uncertainty of market variations and providing security and financial freedom for his clientele.

In addition to his financial experience, Matt has also spent three years as a public educator and has been featured as a frequent guest on television and radio economic segments, such as WGTK. In addition to all of his other accomplishments, Matt is also a published author, having written a book about tax-exempt retirement planning called RITE (Retirement Income Tax Exempt). Throughout his book, Matt refers to his five-point plan of success, for which he has become nationally known. Matt is the recipient of numerous accolades and earned his Registered Financial Consultant designation in 2017. He is honored to be part of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, or IARFC, as well as ethics approved. 

Whether he is at work in his professional life or at home in his personal life, Matt Dixon has always been a person who wants to help those around him any way he can. In his free time, Matt has worked as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints, volunteers with the Helping Hands Foundation, and has served in various leadership positions in churches within his community.


Colleagues and customers refer to Matt Dixon as insightful and highly adept at forming strategic campaigns designed to help people achieve their desired retirement. He is persistent in his quest to ensure that clients have a retirement plan established well in advance, knowing this will result in a peaceful, stress-free transition into the next stage of their lives.

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