If you want your credit score to be in the “good” range instead of the poor range, you must know how to build a strong credit score. A high credit score can provide significant benefits, such as getting approved for loans and other financial assistance much more accessible than someone with a low credit score. Here are some tips for building a solid credit score:

1. Pay Your Bills on Time

Paying your bills on time provides the best way to build a strong credit score. Paying your bills late will not immediately hurt your credit score, but paying the delinquent accounts will be listed as a negative item on your credit report, which will lower your overall credit score. Also, if you consistently pay bills late, you may get harassed by creditors trying to collect unpaid bills.

2. Choose Your Credit Card Wisely

Your credit score will go up if you have several credit cards, but your credit score will go down if you do not pay the accounts you have on those credit cards. Having only one or two credit cards is the best way to build a strong and healthy credit score.

3. Do not Apply for Too Many Credit Cards at the Same Time

Applying for many different types of loans and financial assistance within a short period may lower your overall credit score. Applying for many loans at one time will make your credit look overextended, and you might find it harder to obtain more credit cards in the future.

4. Do not Close a Credit Card Account

Closing your credit card accounts that have been recently approved can lower your credit score. As negative items on your credit report, lenders will also consider closing accounts closed for more than 60 days, reducing the overall score.

5. Become an Authorized User

Authorized users do not have a great credit score, but having an authorized user on your account may help you build a healthier credit score. However, unless you regularly pay the accounts on your account, the lender will eventually close the accounts.


There are many different ways to build a strong credit score. It is essential to research how to build a strong credit score by reading articles, watching videos, and talking with people who have good credit scores.